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Ocean Watch Training

Speak a language people can understand, says leading marine scientist

Unless we are able to effectively communicate our amazing science, we are not going to be able to reach people.

Ocean Watch

Marine scientists drum up support for shark sanctuaries

Better policing of the shark-fin and product trade required, writes Laylaa Teixeira Sampaio.

Ocean Watch Training

Coastal Resilience Reporting Project

Providing the tools and training to write well-researched articles on what could be one of the biggest stories of our lives.

Ocean Watch

Time to sharpen up African climate journalism

Young scientists offered training in coastal resilience reporting

Conservation Watch Environment Khetha Journalism Project TOP STORIES

Women snappers hunt for best shots

Capturing memorable wildlife moments on camera is sometimes the stuff of heartbreak, hope and missed opportunities.

Conservation Watch Environment Khetha Journalism Project

Cinema magic introduces Pangolins to Cape Flats

Sometimes, when there are big, pressing environmental problems to tackle, it’s best to begin at home. 

biodiversity Conservation Watch

Double dealing in Harare wetlands crisis

It’s the poor and working class who suffer most from high-handed and selective solutions to illegal building on swamps.