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Conservation Watch Oppenheimer Research Conference

Why we must safeguard our forest muthi

Africa’s indigenous forests are a fabulous treasure trove – a cornucopia of foodstuffs, seed varieties and medicines, a bulwark against climate change and environmental degradation. It’s a shame then that so few of the continent’s people are getting a fair share of this natural bounty.

Conservation Watch Oppenheimer Research Conference

Environmental scientists must network to ward off environmental crises.

Environmental scientists should step out of their silos if they want their research to make an impact, says Duncan MacFadyen, head of Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation.

Conservation Watch Oppenheimer Research Conference

Why our provincial parks are floundering. And what can be done

A former SANParks conservation boss sounds the alarm on provincial game reserves. Matthew Hattingh reports

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Tree-boosters’ rap drowns out pastoral symphony

Why a ‘fetish’ for forests might imperil conservation efforts. Fred Kockott and Savannah Burns report

Conservation Watch Tipping Points

Come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab

Worried about population growth and the pressures of feeding a hungry planet? Don’t have a cow, cultivate one rather. Meanwhile, venison might help us buck the trend.

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How to beat eco-paralysis: Lessons from young leaders

It’s easy to be laid low by all that ails our planet. But the cure lies in taking incremental steps, celebrating small wins and building on them. Savannah Burns and Skyla Thornton report

Conservation Watch Tipping Points

Fix farming or nature croaks

Boosting biodiversity could benefit farmers’ back pockets, writes Laylaa Teixeira Sampaio.

Conservation Watch Tipping Points

Jive Media Africa collaboration: Changing the narrative on conservation

Keen to write stories on pioneering research projects in the conservation sector?

Conservation Watch Tipping Points

Hacks vs boffins – bridging the divide.

Journalists and scientists often speak at cross purposes – even a “different language”.