Author: rovingreporters

  1. Tipping Points
In the midst of political alliances with coal lobbyists, environmentalists are urging strategic voting and active citizenship to address the deepening climate crisis and stave off the collapse of natural systems. By Roving Reporters and Kemunto Ogutu. First publishd by Daily Maverick. Voting is crucial, but South Africa’s political parties are falling short on addressing […]
  1. Conservation Watch
Wildlife crime has many threads. It’s entangled in the very fabric of our society and we must get to grips with its subtleties if we hope to unpick it. Maxcine Kater reports This story was first published on Daily Maverick Remember lockdown when you couldn’t get alcohol and cigarettes; when you felt trapped in your home? Perhaps it didn’t leave you […]
  1. Journalism Projects
Wildlife crime often remains underreported, and when it does grab headlines, the coverage varies widely from sensational to lackluster. In South Africa, the public discourse primarily centers around poached rhinos, pangolins, and snared wildlife. The issue of poaching is embedded in a complex system marked by pressing socio-economic challenges, including inequality, historical grievances, unemployment, and […]