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Ocean Watch

New tech helps with whale research projects

Technology – once used to hunt whales – is playing an ever-increasing role in marine conservation, write Fred Kockott and Diony Lalieu. 

Environment Ocean Watch

Space age tech deployed in Agulhas Current

Seafarers in South African waters have been warned to avoid tampering with two strange alien-looking crafts – one of them floating on the surface; the other drifting at depths of

Ocean Watch

Welcoming the whales

Several hundred people turned out for Durban’s first Welcoming the Whales Festival at the Bluff over the weekend. The two-day long festival marked the opening of the 4th annual World

Education Ocean Watch

Vital role of whales

There is an integral link between whales and the air we breathe, say Chris Bryan and Maggillivray Freeman of  Sustainable Human.