Ocean Steward Samantha Hofmeyr

If it were possible, Samantha Hofmeyer, (21) a keen diver, would like to spend more time underwater than above. She grew up in Richards Bay, where she completed school before enrolling at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville campus.

Samantha describes Richards Bay as a small town with large marine environment, many beaches, a large harbour and a river.

“But it also has a lot of pollution,” says Samantha.

Through the Ocean Steward programme, Samantha hopes to help close the gaps in knowledge about the offshore marine environment.

“The opportunity to communicate with scientists about current research in different fields is what excites me most,” says Samantha, who is currently completing her honours degree in Marine Biology.

She said her Open Waters Diving qualification increased her passion for the ocean and the need to understand it.

This snapshot profile of Samantha Hofmeyr was compiled by Zamo Phungula as part of Roving Reporters Ocean Watch training programme supported by the Human Elephant Foundation and The Blue Fund – a joint initiative of Grindrod Bank and Wildlands.