Kye Macgregor

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TOP South African junior shortboard surfer and reigning SA under 14 longboard champ, Kye Gremlin Macgregor, despises litter on the beach.


“It makes me angry seeing litter on the beach,” the 13 year-old explains.

“If we kill the ocean, we also kill ourselves.”

A very stylish longboarder with a mixed bag of old school logging and powerful progressive surfing, he can often be seen binning the plastic and rubbish he finds on shoreline.

“Pollution in the sea is bad because it kills the marine environment,” says Kye.

A typical grom, Kye loves surfing so much that he will ride anything.

Kye lives with his Dad, Dave Macgregor, in a recycled wooden treehouse on the edge of an ancient dune forest in Port Alfred. A typical day, he says  revolves around surfing, surfing and more surfing . . . and some fishing and diving.

“Surfing makes me feel good. It’s so cool to share the ocean with  dolphins.” says Kye. “I try riding any board. . . I even once tried out an ironing board.”

Kye and his father collect driftwood off the beach, including a wooden 60 foot shipwreck, which they have re-purposed as building material in their Shaka Surf School camp.

“I love helping my Dad teach people how to surf, it is a good way to get young and old stoked on surfing and also telling them why it is important to save our seas.”