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Authentic, credible and independent

Roving Reporters is a journalism training agency that focuses on environmental, social and justice issues.

We have a passion for true life story-telling that shapes how we think about the world around us and our impacts on it.

Roving Reporters offers exciting opportunities for emerging writers and researchers to do fieldwork, commissioned assignments and investigations under expert supervision and guidance.

To ensure our stories are honest and fair, we subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media.

Environmental journalism

Our Ocean Watch series focuses on critical issues affecting the health of our oceans and promotes worthy initiatives in the marine conservation sector.

Our Thin Green Line series focuses on the loss of green infrastructure, the pollution of critical river catchments and water sources, and associated biodiversity loss – a critical concern to leading scientists, conservation managers, government agencies and environmental NGOs. We give voice to a wide range of stakeholders in seeking solutions to these problems.

Tony Weaver’s Man Friday column, first published by Die Burger and Safarious,  provides fresh views into a wide range of environmental and wildlife issues from the perspective of one of Africa’s most widely published photojournalists. Tony grew up overlanding through Africa in a variety of vehicles, starting off in the family VW Kombi when he was a baby. Since then, he has criss-crossed much of Africa by vehicle, on foot, by boat and in the air.


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Social and Justice issues

Our stories give insight into real-stuff-of-life that is often lacking in the media coverage of critical social and justice issues. In covering these issues, we promote commitment to democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights, including the fact that every citizen is entitled to equal protection by the law.

Investigative Journalism

Our investigative journalism training programme was established with the support of the Taco Kuiper Trust Fund for Investigative Journalism in 2011 and provides a platform for established and emerging writers to talk part in assignments which they would otherwise not have an opportunity to work on given the dwindling resources committed to investigative journalism in the mainstream media.


Our training programme instils commitment to best journalism practice and has helped launch the careers of a growing number of young journalists, many of whom have developed impressive portfolios of published stories in working on Roving Reporters assignments.

Our training programme was initiated with the support of the Open Society Foundation of South Africa and the Durban University of Technology which part-funded the creation of this website as a platform to showcase the work of students who take part in Roving Reporters assignments.

In developing our training programme we aim to forge partnerships with leading tertiary institutions and media partners locally and internationally.

The Izze Siemann Scholarship

Izze Siemann is a McGill University environmental science and English literature honours student who enrolled for a two-month internship with Roving Reporters, effective from June 5 to August 3. Izze has agreed to donate the income she receives from publication of her stories arising from her internship to a scholarship fund which aims to cover costs of international interns serving similar internships with Roving Reporters each year, effective from May 2019. We invite individuals and organisation to pledge matching grants to enable us to develop our international internship programme.



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For further information about Roving Reporters services contact Fred Kockott on +27 (0)83 277 8907 or email fredk@rovingreporters.co.za.