Deadly plight of Senegalese fishermen

Deadly plight of Senegalese fishermen

In 2017, at least 140 Senegalese fishermen lost their lives at sea, while searching for fish that industrial fishing companies had stolen from their waters, writes Lerato Tsotetsi.

For decades community fishermen in Senegal caught fish to provide for themselves and their families. They shared a deep connection with the ocean. The ocean looked after them and they looked after the ocean.

Now, their lives are vastly different. Industrial and illegal fishing are now forcing these courageous fishermen to venture further, and further out to sea to catch fish that have become out of reach.

They are desperate to provide for their families, because they love them. So every day they risk their lives to put simple food on the table, while industrial trawlers are emptying their seas.  — Greenpeace

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Lerato Tsotesi works for the Greenpeace Africa Team



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