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Sowing dissent: Pondoland pain over mining plan

In this, the first of a three part series on Xolobeni, journalist Shona Aylward looks at the struggle over proposed heavy minerals on the Wild Coast. 

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Conquering fears in the wilderness

Confronting his fears on a Wilderness Leadership School trail was a life changing experience for a Wild Coast hiking guide, writes Mlu Mdletshe On night guard duty, deep in the

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

It’s a wrench and a drench to leave

Pooped but proud to have finished, Shona Aylward looks back on the demanding final days of the Wild Coast hike and salutes their energetic guide.

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

Onward and upward:
Shona Aylward on Day 6

We ramble along the rutted coastline, in and out of pockets of exquisite beaches hugged by cliffs. Shona Aylward reports on Day Five of her Wild Coast hike.

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

Any port in a storm:
the going gets tough on days 4 & 5

The going gets tough for  Wild Coast hiker Shona Aylward. But the scenery rewards and the history is rich, not least the remains of an obscure harbour. First published by

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

On the rocks: how tuna fishermen
brought the party to a leper colony

On Day 3 of her Wild Coast hike, Shona Aylward passes through beautiful Mkambati, once a leper colony and the scene of a memorable beach party.

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

Fireside stories and other cracking tales on the trail

On day two of her Wild Coast hike, Shona Aylward criss-crosses the Red Sands, learns a little about plant magic and the area’s turbulent past – not all of it distant. 

Environment Shona's wild sojourn Wild Walk series

Shona Aylward’s wild sojourn:
Day One

South Coast Herald journalist Shona Aylward meets one of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s grandsons and enjoys being guided by a true gentleman on the first day of her Wild Coast hike.

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More Pondo magic than you can shake a stick at

Rural homestays on the Wild Coast have become vital grassroots eco-tourism ventures on hallowed ground, writes Matt Vend.

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Ten more swimmers join the Wild Friends campaign trail

A group of Capetonians are swimming a 22km relay from Cape Point to Simonstown tomorrow to support conservation efforts in the sensitive northern Wild Coast eco-system which is under threat