Steve Sawyer

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The better we treat our ocean, the better the ocean treats us,” says Steve Saywer, the reigning SA Longboard Surfing Champion and a nominee for Roving Reporters 2017 Soul Surfer Award.
Surfers in general have a deep understanding of saving the environment and protecting marine life, says Sawyer.


“It’s important to understand our pollution situation. Unfortunately we’re stacked with it, in and out the ocean. I do believe, though, that people are starting to live more friendly lifestyles especially in terms of being more aware on how to be sustainable and renewable instead of wasting.”

22-year old Steven Sawyer was born in raised in South Africa’s surfing mecca, Jeffreys Bay.

“My father has been a surfboard shaper for 50 yonks now, so surfing is deeply embedded in my veins. I’ve been surfing for 13 years, playing music for 11. Life gets better every day and I’m stoked to be surfing in the SA Longboard champs this year. Last year was a tough run to the final. It was great to take the win, but I have no expectation for this year’s champs – just super excited to go out and have some fun.”