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Stay-at-home Dad ventures into wild waters

Plans by the Australian mining company, Mineral Resource Commodities (MRC) to mine for heavy minerals along the Wild Coast have inspired environmental writer, Craig Bishop, to take part in The Wild Swim.

Craig is a stay-at-home Dad who has the mornings free to write about things that matter to him, from environment and entrepreneurialism, to changing nappies and the role of fathers in the Mummy Wars.


Craig Bishop spent more than a decade in the Eastern Cape and then KwaZulu-Natal as a journalist for various outfits. It was at the Natal Witness, now The Witness, that Craig first got in touch with his green roots, covering the environmental beat.

He then moved to Cape Town with Media24 to work on several magazines, before moving to Oman in the Middle East for a few years, to work as editor for the national inflight magazine.


Once back in Cape Town, Craig took to cold water swimming in Cape Town’s icy Atlantic waters in a vague attempt to get fit, and sluice the heat from his bones.

Craig is a keen scuba diver and it was this sport that married his love of cold water immersion with his passion for raising awareness about the desperate plight of the world’s oceans.

Craig hopes that The Wild Swim will also be a big step toward training for the Robben Island swim, a feat he says that fatherhood has prevented him from tackling for years.  Well, that’s his excuse, for now!

Wild Swim

The Wild Swim takes place from April 26 to May 2 along a 22 km stretch of the Wild Coast earmarked for heavy minerals mining.  The adventure swim has been organised by the 8 Mile Club in association with Roving Reporters and the Kydrin Foundation to raise R250,000 for eco-tourism in the area, marine conservation and associated environmental journalism training.

To help The Wild Swimmers reach this target DONATE HERE.

A growing number of organisations are supporting the fundraising drive. Click here to see who they are.

Other businesses, groups of friends and clubs can also create a fundraising page in support of The Wild Swim by clicking here >> Start Fundraising.