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Roving Reporters New Narratives ’24 training project is designed to help you write

compelling stories on a series of Khetha-themed webinars organised by Jive Media Africa

in association with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

This orientation module runs from Tuesday, January 23, through to Friday, February 23.

We were greatly encouraged by your “Shades of Grey” opening stories on the first Khetha

themed webinar hosted by Oppenheimer Generations and Research on November 30 last

year. Thank you. We trust that our writing coach feedback will stand you in good stead in

reporting on the remaining series of webinar and help improve your journalism skills.

Peer reviews

Reading and commenting on each other’s work, giving constructive feedback and

suggestions for improvement, is central to the learning process on this course.

Why do we do it?

• It provides writers with a valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

• It exposes writers to a wider audience, giving them a sense of how other readers,

including commissioning editors, might respond to their work.

• It teaches writers how to critically analyse their own work and that of others.

• It motivates writers to do substantial revision in instances when a draft story is

deemed worthy of pitching for publication.

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