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Investigations Tale of Two Hijackers Training

South African version of Truman Capote’s, In Cold Blood?

“You’re cadet journalists, barely a published word to your names, jointly or individually, and what you’re working on has potential to be a global hit!” So said author, Denis Beckett, to three students enrolled on Roving Reporters first writing workshop in 2011. Beckett reckoned the students’ investigation into two juvenile-offenders-turned-serial hijackers, had the makings of a South African version of Truman Capote’s: In Cold Blood – a non-fiction novel detailing the gruesome murder in 1959 of Herbert Clutter, a wealthy


In praise of the little black book
(or the modern equivalent thereof)

Don’t be like those sad Millennials you see at some events, sitting staring at their smartphones. Use the time to cultivate contacts; work the room. Remember: you schmooze or you lose…

Training Writing tips

Roller coaster! How to take your readers along for the ride

You have to take the reader on a journey. There must be ups and downs and you must reach a high point. Some thoughts on narrative arcs and structuring you story .  .  .

Training Writing tips

Mrs Kelly’s Monster – a must-read for feature writers

Mrs Kelly’s Monster – the first Pulitzer winner for feature writing – is still relevant and amazing, so much so that Harvard’s Nieman Storyboard was still analyzing the piece 33 years after it was published. Jon Franklin wrote the piece in 1978 during his tenure as a science reporter for The Baltimore Sun. Click here to read Mrs Kelly’s Monster. Here is what the Nieman Storyboad says about the story: Franklin leads his readers through the grisly, tense terrain of brain surgery, moment by moment.

Training Writing tips

Son of a pitch!

A primer on how do get editors gushin’ rather than cussin’.


Have your say about hunting with dogs

Investigating the issue of hunting with dogs is one of Mlu Mdletshe’s next Roving Reporters assignments following recent complaints about the issue on the lower South Coast. In the following article, first published by GroundUp in September 2017, residents in the Eastern Cape had complained that government cared more for wildlife than they did for people. At the time, hunting with dogs had recently been outlawed, but the practice has continued in various region of the KwaZulu-Natal, deserving further examination.

Writing tips

Hook ’em and reel ’em in:
How to write killer intros

Whether you are writing a news story or a feature, start your story with a bang. Hook the reader with your opening line!


Win R500 by writing a simple, but provocative, thought-inspiring story

Great chance for budding reporters to get published Roving Reporters​ will award R500 to an aspirant environmental reporter who produces the most provocative, thought-inspiring and entertaining story in covering Wavescape’s SLIDE NIGHT at the SAAMBR conference venue at uShaka Marine World  – an evening of talks by eight ocean thought leaders on a wide range of topics, including science, sustainability, adventure and activism. Submissions should be sent to with the subject line: Slide Night, by 4 pm on Friday, July

Environment Training

South Coast scribe dons mentoring hat

A  diverse group of marine biology students and aspirant environmental journalists have applied to take part in an eight-day Wild Coast hike in aid of marine conservation and grassroots eco-tourism. “Selection of the most deserving candidate has not been easy,” said Roving Reporters director, Fred Kockott. The trail, from Sunday, July 21 to Sunday, July 28,  passes through the Mzamba fossil beds, the Pondoland Marine Protected Area and the Mkambathi Nature Reserve, several pristine estuaries and other biodiversity hot spots


Take a walk on the wild side

Become an environmental watchdog Intrepid, tough and rugged reporters are to get a unique environmental journalism training opportunity as part of a drive to promote marine conservation and grassroots ecotourism initiatives on the Wild Coast. Two to three selected candidates will be enrolled on an eight-day hike from Port Edward to Port St Johns led by award winning conservationist, Sinegugu Zukulu. The hike will be followed by a two-day writing workshop at 984 St Ives, in the Leisure Bay Conservancy,