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Ithuba Social and Justice issues

An oasis of hope:
Wild Coast school helps
break cycle of violence and poverty

In an impoverished community, a well-run school breaks the cycle of violence and poverty, reports Mlu Mdletshe

Man Friday Social and Justice issues

Kissing the Cape Flats with a Band Aid strip

Sending in the army is like kissing the Cape Flats better with a Band Aid strip, writes Tony Weaver

Social and Justice issues

OPINION: Caster Semenya – not normal enough?

Our heroes have always been different from the norm. Picking on Caster Semenya amounts to double-standards, says writer-producer Gordon Greaves What the International Association of Athletics Federations has done to Caster Semenya is hypocritical and contradictory to its own rulings. Logically, if the IAAF applies these restrictions to Caster, it must apply similar restrictions to all its athletes with genetically enhanced attributes. The truth of the matter is that many of our heroes and heroines from ancient to recent history

Social and Justice issues

Chance meeting leads to lifesaving break

A CHANCE meeting between a former Lion’s rugby hooker and a down-and-out Durban lifeguard who grew up an orphan, has turned into a truly lifesaving opportunity for 19-year-old Thobani Phoseka.

Social and Justice issues

Bail denied in North Coast rock throwing case

The Tongaat men accused of the rock-throwing murder of two children have been denied bail. Bukeka Silekwa reports.

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Toxic times: primer takes the fight to polluters

A new booklet provides useful information for communities facing pollution problems. Thabiso Goba reports.

Latest News Social and Justice issues

Civil servant jailed for stealing farm

Case highlights extent to which corrupt officials easily manipulate the land reform process. Fred Kockott and Thabiso Goba report. First published by GroundUp A former project manager for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has been sentenced to ten years in prison for stealing a farm and livestock that had been awarded to labour tenants as part of the government’s land redistribution programme. Ten years on, the former labour tenant family, the Shabalalas, who have lived on

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A peculiar zone where even cops feared to tread . . . 

Social and Justice issues

Inside Durban’s abortion abyss

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK Polka dot blankets and pillows line the pavement outside Addington Hospital’s health clinic where women waiting to have abortions lie curled up on the cold cement.