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Game Changers

Not even thieves can stop her business

It takes some doing to open an internet cafe in rural Zululand where broadband is thin on the ground.  Izzy Siemann talks to the entrepreneur who made it happen –

Environment Game Changers

Canned lions make Nicola’s blood boil

A deep love for Africa inspires Nicola Gerrard’s activism. Izze Siemann and Fred Kockott report

Conservation Watch Game Changers

Theo practices what he preaches

Environmental educator and tour guide, Theo Xolani Gina, puts into practice what he preaches when it comes to plastic pollution, writes Bukeka Silkwa

Conservation Watch Game Changers

Sneak beak: A birdwatcher’s story

IT’S the things we learn as children that often shape who we become as adults.

Game Changers

Shooting nature for the best

Radio personality, entrepreneur, wildlife photographer and activist… that’s some resume. And it’s just as well because Gabriel Sithole needs all the skills he can muster for a tough job.

Environment Game Changers Ocean Watch

Salt water flows through her veins

Salt water flows through Nikki Chapman’s veins, so the the Ocean Stewards programme is the perfect home for Nikki Chapman, write Myrtle Ryan and Bukeka Silekwa.

Game Changers

Tribune Game Changers honoured for caring and protecting and environment

SOUTH Africa’s national bird, the blue crane, and other cranes are under threat because of habitat loss, poisonings and powerline collisions. If these birds have a future it will be thanks