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Environment Thin Green Line

Rangers: A force for the good

Today is World Ranger Day – a day of global recognition that shines a spotlight on the world’s Rangers, brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily

Environment Ocean Watch

Oceans Without Limits expedition

Tracking impact plastic pollution around islands of the West Indian Ocean After twenty-one years of calling the Indian Ocean his “office”, Cape Town’s Gert Muller is about to embark on

Environment Game Changers Ocean Watch

Salt water flows through her veins

Salt water flows through Nikki Chapman’s veins, so the the Ocean Stewards programme is the perfect home for Nikki Chapman, write Myrtle Ryan and Bukeka Silekwa.

Environment Ocean Watch

Environmental Affairs department fails to protect oceans

The Department of Environmental Affairs is kow-towing to the gas and oil industry,  warn marine scientists. Mervyn Naidoo and Fred Kockott report.

Environment Ocean Watch

Exploration comes with big risks

The spectre of environmental disasters loomed large in the first public hearing on an Italian company’ plans to explore for deep sea oil and gas reserves off the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Environment Ocean Watch

Deep sea exploration plan wavers

Report released, then withdrawn . . . Vast amounts of fossil fuel will be burned up in an extensive and potentially harmful deep-sea exploration for fossil fuels embedded deep in

Environment Ocean Watch

Verdict still out on seismic impacts

Has loud underwater noise from the oil and gas exploration industry caused whale and dolphin deaths along the KwaZulu-Natal coast?

Environment Thin Green Line

Bottom falls out of rare coloured wildlife market

Intensive game breeding sparks weird outcomes. Tony Carnie reports

Environment Thin Green Line

Calls to legalise trade in rhino horn stirs debate

‘Ban on rhino horn sales not protecting the animals,’ say game ranch owners