Brittany Gadd

I am a 17 year old girl from Durban who has a huge interest in all ocean wonders.

I have always lived on a farm my whole life until recently, and so I understand the importance of animals. Animals are a huge part of my life. I would do absolutely anything to ensure that they are protected and I try to help them whenever possible.

I started surfing a little over 3 years ago and since then I have been trying every chance I get to ensure that I do as much as possible to help conserve the quality of the oceans and the health and well being of all ocean life.

When I surf and there is rubbish in the water or on the shore I try to gather it and dispose of it. I am a brand ambassador for Sand Cloud, which is a company that donates a percentage of every sale of theirs to marine conservation. I post on my Instagram account about the importance of sea life and the effects that litter has on them. I share posts that promote marine conservation on Facebook so that people can become aware of the damages marine life is experiencing and the impact that humans have on the oceans and their inhabitants. I am often spreading the word about the importance of preserving this beautiful ecosystem to all my friends and family. I would like to get more involved with marine conservation, and by winning this award I am hoping I will get the opportunity to do that.

The ocean benefits all of us in many different ways, either indirectly or directly. It is vital to sustain the health of the ocean because without it we would not be able to survive.

Oceans generate half of the oxygen that people breath and absorb majority of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which reduces the effects of climate change. It is also the largest supply of water and food sources we need to survive. Oceans are the largest life support systems in the world and it is therefore extremely important that we ensure that it is healthy.

Personally I believe that the ocean is sacred, in every aspect. It is beautiful, powerful, unrestrainable and home to thousands of creatures, including myself. It needs to be protected at all costs because without it life wouldn’t even be a possibility. The oceans contribute to our everyday lives, either directly or indirectly, not only for us ocean lovers but for everyone (even if you don’t realize it).