Bekhekile Khupe

Bekhekile Khupe

I had heard that if one enrolled as an intern at Roving Reporters, you work hard and under pressure. Bhekhile was not wrong in that regard.

When we applied, several colleagues of mine did not complete the test assignments, but I persisted because I am that kind of a person who works hard, fearlessly. I met the deadlines because I knew that joining Roving Reporters would be a splendid platform to get real journalism experience. The other reason why I joined Roving Reporters is because of adventure. I heard interns get to travel and explore different places. I also needed that kind of experience after being stuck at DUT City Campus for almost three years. I want to graduate next year get my name out there. From the tasks we are involved in, the dream is going to come true.

Follwoing her six month work-integrated learning internship with Roving Reporters, Bhekhekile graduated with her diploma in journalism in 2014.

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