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Plastic-free surf contests for a “blue-er” ocean

The 2017 Cobbles Classic surfing event and Cape Recife Music Festival in Port Elizabeth last weekend, heralded the start of a drive to create “plastic-free” surf contests in South Africa. Spearheading

Environment Ocean Watch

Ocean faces competing interests

Deep-sea exploration sparks renewed conservation efforts, but when it comes to protecting ocean life, competing commercial interests pose a huge challenge, writes FRED KOCKOTT.

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Massive indigenous tree planting drive takes root

A world without trees would be hell on earth As a massive indigenous tree planting project takes root in South Africa, FRED KOCKOTT and JANE ROSS reflect on the relevance

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The Man Who Planted Trees

The Man Who Planted Trees by French author, Jean Giono, is a classic tale worth reading during Arbor Week. The 4000-word allegorical tale was also made into an award-winning short film

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The “Forest Person of Bangaladesh”

With Arbor Week underway in South Africa, it is worth reflecting on the life Abdul Samad Sheikh, a rickshaw-puller in Bangladesh who planted at least one tree a day since

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Arbor Week activities

1 to 7 September South Africa celebrates Arbor Week in the first week of September annually. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), is responsible for the campaign, and can assist